The Fallout
Survival Experience

What is The Fallout?

The Fallout is a timed event where you will be provided with an airsoft rifle, and challenged to enter the infected chamber. Your task will be to clear the area of the infected, whilst saving the civilians in the fastest time possible.
Have you got what it takes to survive?

Restrictions / Safety Information

Participants must be aged 16+ to take part, & strobe lighting is used during this experience.

  • Minimum Age? 16
  • Live Actors? We don't use any Live Actors within this experience
  • Scary? of course!
  • Pregant? We don't recommend any expectant mothers take part in this experience
  • Heart Conditions? We don't recommend anyone with any known heart conditions take part in this experience
  • Epilepsy? Strobe Lighting is used during this experience, we recommend epileptics seek medical advice before taking part in this experience.

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